Low Volume Scanners

You can trust our family of high accuracy data collection tools with unique OMR and image capture features to streamline your current processes, and provide you with a springboard to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Scanner Models


The Scantron Score helps instructor's make the most of teaching and training time by automatically scoring tests and analyzing results. With the Scantron Score, instructors can accurately score 30 to 40 tests per minute and then immediately determine how students performed. Item analysis capabilities determine how many students missed each question, which helps define the validity of a test, as well as identify any study areas that need additional emphasis.

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EZData Scanner


The EZData® scanner offers users a small, portable, and efficient data collection solution. It is ideal for low-volume, quick data collection projects.

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iNsight 20


The iNSIGHT™ 20 from Scantron is a compact, affordable desktop model scanner that combines document imaging technology along with the proven data collection capabilities and accuracy of optical mark recognition (OMR).

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iNsight 4ES


The iNSIGHT® 4ES optical mark read (OMR) and image scanner is one of the most versatile and efficient desktop scanners available for automated data collection. The scanner's powerful processor delivers fast document throughput and provides a complete solution with a variety of off-the-shelf and custom software packages.

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OPScan 4ES

OpScan 4ES

The OpScan® 4ES optical mark read (OMR) scanner is easy to operate and reads pencil marks from an OMR form. This scanner is one of the most versatile and efficient desktop scanners available today.

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