Website Maintenance and Support

Contact is the heart of the modern business, small or large.  In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must ensure that their relationships with customers and vendors are maintained.  DPK provides a range of business contact services aimed at businesses of all sizes. These services allow businesses to concentrate on their core business while outsourcing some aspects of customer contact and ensuring Customer Relationship Management. DPK will assist in the assessment of your needs and guide you through the processes required to implement a new project, or to migrate an existing one.

Content Management Services

DPK accepts text and other digital media (video, music, voice recordings and pictures) in the required format(s) and sizes then insert them in the appropriate area of the website. With intimate knowledge of several Content Management Systems and software as well as database expertise, the fresh content will ensure that the site is visited often and that visitors will explore various aspects of the site. 
For Websites that support Events Management, DPK will ensure steam-lined registration and attendance tracking. DPK will ensure that all website features are exploited to the benefit of the site owner.

Help Desk Support

  • Automated customer contact (voice, email, SMS, fax).
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephony solutions.
  • Contact centre services (inbound and outbound).
  • Survey services (telephone, SMS or live).

Interactive Voice Response: commonly referred to as IVR, this telephony technology uses an automated telephone system to interact with a caller and a database to provide or gather information.  This system is automated, and user interaction is predetermined by how the IVR system is programmed. When required, the IVR system can ‘hand off’ a call to a human operator under prescribed circumstances.  These systems can instantly provide up-to-date account or payment information, for example.  They may also be used to gather information, as in a telephone survey.  IVR services may be used to automate many call services, provide telesales support, reminders or order entry services, amongst others.

Message Delivery Services: facilitate the delivery of business materials or messages via traditional mail, email,  Short Message Service (SMS) or voice telephony, allowing the client to reach a broad customer base using  the most convenient and effective methods. Voice messages, email and SMS, may be configured to be held for delivery on a certain date, scheduled for delivery at a specified time or times of day, or immediately dispatched, as is appropriate to a particular circumstance.  The number of attempts made before reporting failure may also be configured. All these options can vary from one set of messages to the next.  Statistics on messages sent and delivery patterns are provided as well.

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