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Scantron has more than thirty-eight (38) years of experience in printing quality high-speed scannable forms, optimised for equipment reliability and data capture accuracy. 

Paper has a wide range of physical properties that impact how the scanner reads the information that is on the page and how the paper is transported throughout the machine.

Porosity and thickness influence the capacity of paper to reflect light potentially influencing the reading of lighter marks. Having paper that doesn’t have the correct opacity characteristics can create issues like bleed-through, were the light of the scanner goes through the page and can cause extraneous marks to be read from the form.

Poor paper quality, resulting in high levels of dust, affects not only data accuracy, but also the operation of the scanner.  The dust will transfer to the rollers and to the sensors which will impair the scanner’s capacity to detect double-feeds and move the sheets through the scanner. Errors are then likely to increase. Controlling the coefficient of friction and the stiffness of the paper will reduce the variation during feeding and minimize jams.  Scantron uses specialized paper manufactured to exacting weight, stiffness, finish and erasability standards that guarantee accurate scanning. Plus, Scantron’s certified press operators print within a tolerance of .005 inch in a climate-controlled facility.

The quality of the ink follows a very similar story. Scantron offers a variety of specially formulated inks that enhance the absorption of the read head light. Removing forms background colours is vital to optimize the reflection of the marks (pencil or ink). The dropout colour significantly improves data recognition and enhances document interpretation. There are eight (8) colours of scanning-compatible soy-based inks to select from when designing your forms.

To achieve these exacting standards and ensure consistent quality Scantron produces these forms in a Scantron operated, ISO 9000 certified, climate controlled, high volume printing facility.  Here, our certified press operators print within a tolerance of 0.127 millimetre (0.005 inch), leaving little room for error.

Would you consider using regular low octane fuel in you high performance supercar?  If not, why then would you use low quality forms in your precision high speed scanners?

Scantron offers a wide-variety of print solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Choose from a variety of pre-packaged stock forms or custom design your scan form and we can help provide all of the fulfillment and delivery services.

Pre-Packaged OMR Scan Forms

For popular software products and scanners Scantron offers a complete line of pre-packaged, OMR scan forms to meet your testing and survey needs. Our distribution centre stocks over 375 different scan forms that can be easily ordered through our sales department.

Custom Printed Forms

For customers with more specific needs, we can design and print custom forms. Our staff of skilled professionals understands the requirements of data capture and scanning projects, ensuring your materials are technically correct and aesthetically pleasing. A well designed form is ineffective without a flawlessly executed fulfilment and delivery plan.

At DPK, we understand the need to deliver on-time every time. Our track record of success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients and the long-term relationships we have come to enjoy over the years.

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